4 November 2019

5 fashion podcasts to listen to now

When it comes to podcasts, fashion might not be your go-to choice when there are so many juicy true crime and insightful current affairs options out there, but hear me out. You might not believe it but those wonderfully gratifying, highly addictive and delightfully smart fashion podcasts do actually exist. From Sophia Amoruso’s informative talks with seriously cool women, to John Galliano’s inspired rants about his collections for Maison Margiela, I've selected five excellent fashion podcasts to listen to now.

Just as deliciously eclectic as the brand itself, the Gucci Podcast offers a glimpse into Alessandro Michele’s magpie universe. Featuring the exciting medley of Gucci’s collaborators, the podcast is a goldmine for all Gucci fanatics. Singer Curtis Harding, poet Alaska Lynch, actress and model Hari Nef talk art, fashion, working with Gucci and all things poetic and beautiful—listen now for your monthly dose of fashion escapism.

The Memory Of… is in a class of its own. Dedicated to the stories behind the making of Maison Margiela’s collections, the podcast would hardly interest a wide audience, but for fashion obsessives who want to know the nitty-gritty, this is delightfully decadent. What's so great about it is the presenter itself: in a dramatic cadence, alternating between thundering and whispering, Margiela’s creative director John Galliano says things equal parts eccentric and wonderful. “Desire without reason…”, he starts. “My intentions are impulsive and anarchic.” What an intro.

The formidably authoritative Business of Fashion is the measure of all things that matter in the industry. While the online edition is subscription-only, the BoF podcast is accessible to everyone and still offers the in-depth approach the publication is celebrated for. The bi-weekly editions introduce the on-trend topics from retail, art and culture.
Designer Recho Omondi might still be a newcomer to the world of fashion, but her following already borders on the cultish. Her podcast, The Cutting Room Floor is partly to blame for that. The designer-cum-presenter talks to designers, founders, educators; her choice of guests is the perfect balance between the niche and iconic. Recent guests include Ava Nope, Tibi’s Amy Smilovic, and sustainability expert Liz Ricketts.

“The show for and about ambitious women exploring wins and losses on the winding road to success,” as Sophia Amaruso customarily starts her podcasts for Girlboss. After the rise and fall of her Nasty Gal venture Amaruso mainly works on the platform where successful young women from creative industries share their stories about struggling, failing, making it. From the selection of interviewees to snappy titles (how about “Making Money As A Mystic With Girlboss Astrologer Jessica Lanyadoo”?), Amaruso’s podcasts are not only faultlessly curated, but also uplifting and inspiring.