19 February 2018

Textured Tunes and Layered Lullabies

Emerging from the brutalist backdrop of the concrete city that shaped her, Pearl De Luna's hometown of London serves as a muse of sorts; for which the grey tones of winter skies and pebbled pavements alike are reimagined in technicolour. Psychedelic undertones and jazzy overtones are branches of a sound that has mellowed trip-hop roots, allowing you to hear her interpretation of a speeding city in slow-mo. With the recent release of her debut project Synesthesia last month and her upcoming short film which is a twisted remix of Alice In Wonderland, the 22-year-old talked me through her connection to synesthesia as a condition, the effect of place on the music you make and the artists she just can't get enough of at the moment.

what three words would you use to describe Synesthesia to someone who hasn’t listened to it yet?
Nostalgic, ambient, textured

with the EP title in mind and with reference to the condition, how does the intertwining of senses manifest itself in your own process?
I’ve just always been very visual with how I hear music. I don’t think I have it as vividly as some people but if I’m not able to visualise something when listening to a piece of music I just don’t really connect to it as much. Even with the way I write, I like to try and paint a picture with my lyrics and set the backdrop with the music.

what do you get out of music that you don't from other creative mediums?
I think for me there’s just nothing I’d rather do than be in the studio or at home working on music. It’s always been that one thing I’ve loved to do most and its just always felt natural.

which specific artists have really shaped the sound of your work? 
I’m into a lot of music from the 60’s- 70’s when jazz and funk got a bit more experimental and psychedelic. I love how layered and intricate music was then and I think that really influenced how my producer Daniel Lincoln and I build a lot of our tunes.

you’ve described london lullaby as your way to find peace with the chaos of the city. what’s your most favourite and least favourite aspect of london? 
I love how diverse London is. There are not many places in the world where you can find so many different cultures intertwined and I think that’s really beautiful. But I really hate the weather and just how grey and rigid it feels here in general. I feel like the lack of sun can really take a toll on your mood.

if you had to pick a different city to live in, which would you pick and do you think it would in turn, have a big impact on your sound? 
L.A. A lot of the music I’m into right now is coming from there and I’ve been spending quite a lot of time out there and really love it! It’s definitely made an impact on the sound of my music. The newer stuff I’ve been working on, I feel like is a lot less dark compared to this project and you can definitely hear the influence in the style.


what music are you into at the moment? 
More recent music, I’ve been listening to a lot of artists coming out of L.A. people like Kendrick, Flying Lotus, Thundercat and there’s this rapper Mach Hommy from the east coast who’s really sick also even though he doesn’t really put any music out anymore I’m a huge Andre 3000 fan!

have you got any exciting projects coming up that you can tell us about? 
There’s a short film, which I made, for this project with my friend Bolade Banjo that will be coming out soon. I’m excited to share that and otherwise I’m always working on new music and almost finished my next project but probably won’t be dropping that for a little while.