30 October 2017

A Visual Alphabet of Craig Green

After graduating from the Fashion Masters course at Central Saint Martins, Craig Green established his eponymous label in 2012 has been a consistent highlight of London Fashion Week Men’s since Autumn/Winter ’13. Energetically merging concepts of uniform and utility, Green’s cult-like vision leads to dramatic shows that ooze emotion and always feel relevant, whilst staying loyal to his core collection of simple signature garments. The clearest example of this is the brilliantly boxy worker jacket, which has appeared consecutively since the brand’s debut and typifies the functional element of the brand identity. Here, I pictorially present of some of Craig Green's most visually alluring moments and garments.

A is for advertising aesthetics

B is for @badlydrawnmodels

C is for carpet creativity

D is for defining details

E is for energetic editorials

F is for fulfil with frill

G is for geometric forms

H is for hooded heroes

I is for illustrations (by dylan qin via SHOWSstudio)

J is for jazzy jacket of dreams

K is for kitsch prints

L is for lots of lacing

M is for moncler collab

N is for nip knots

O is for orange overhaul

P is for power poncho

Q is for quaint quilting

R is for resourceful rafts

S is for somber sculpture

T is for top-to-toe tye dye

U is for unassuming uniformity

V is for vivid vests

W is for window jumpers

X is for (e)xtrondinary abstraction

Y is for yearning for yellow

Z is for zzzzz (sleepy campaign)