26 February 2016

The Dress Sense Lady

The Dress Sense Lady is a is a chic fairy godmother of sorts; with a wave of her magic wand she can transform even the most stylistically challenged client into a confident Cinderella ready to go to the ball. In this modern-day fairytale, the ball would be the annual extravaganza at the Met, the glass slippers would be glistening Manolo's, the string of pearls would be Chanel (naturally) and Prince Charming would come in the form of Alessandro Michele and his new-age Gucci. Her Instagram feed is a golden carriage of sorts, transporting us through a stream of idyllic images which unify refined taste with a colourful allure. The Dress Sense Lady tells me about life as an international stylist; from her eye-opening Birkin collection, to fleeing to Paris at the drop of a Maison Michel hat.

What inspired you to become a stylist? 
I’ve always been a stylist in the sense that I dress myself and consciously think “will I wear this today?” - I’ve just not always styled other people. My friends had always asked me what they should wear, as they do, and one day one of my male friends had a project with a senior member of parliament and asked me to style the lady, who’s a very powerful woman. I was quite intimidated as I’d only styled myself but I thought, “ok, I’ll do this then” and I did and really enjoyed it because she was such a challenge. She was a burn-the-bra feminist woman in a male environment and she became my first client for styling, really inspiring me to continue doing it. 

How would you describe your personal style? 
Sometimes I think I’m just black and white and incredibly Chanel but other days I wake up and think, “no I want to be this person today” and I’ll dress in colour. It’s all over the place; I like clean, minimal style, I like oversized... I like man-repelling outfits so I'm a big fan of Leandra Medine.

Do you think that there’s a clear-cut difference between fashion and style? 
Fashion is fashion and style is personal. Fashion is what we see and it’s exactly like that quote, “style is what you do with fashion” therefore everyone interprets fashion in their own way.  

Who is your favourite designer and why? 
Celine – classic, never goes out of style, minimal and the quality is simply amazing. 

What’s your favourite garment/accessory that you’ve ever owned?
I had a vintage Givenchy silk gown once that I picked up for around £20 but it unfortunately can't be altered. After I stopped dancing, I maybe put on a few pounds so it just sits there. Apart from that, I would say my collection of shoes and Birkins.

Tell me about the typical working day in the life of a stylist… 
It changes because I travel a lot so I don’t have a typical day, I don’t know where I am from day-to-day. I often dress clients on a weekly basis but some I’ll only see once a year for an event. Today I could be called up and asked to go to Paris tomorrow to dress a lady for a party, or I could be called up and asked “could you go to Zara because they’ve got that new top in and I want five of them” hence it’s different. 

What trends are you excited about for SS16? 
Can I be honest, I don’t follow trends. I dress my clients the way I think is classic and suits them. Wide pants may be a trend, but wide pants are classic and they’ve been out forever so I don’t consciously follow trends.