20 October 2015

A Hair-ista's Paradise

Byers and Birrell is a forward-thinking salon in Glasgow’s West End; a leader of innovation in hair care, one of the many strings on its weighty bow. Founded in 2001 with Derek and Nicola Byers at the helm, the highly reputable salon has gone from strength to strength and established a loyal client-base and vast media experience, alike. As you head through the door, you escape the hustle and bustle of the city streets and enter a bespoke hair-ista’s paradise. The focus is providing the most luxurious of hair experiences for clients who can walk away with catwalk-worthy locks and a newfound confidence in tow as if the key accessory for the season.

Their dreamy Instagram feed is a visual exploration of hair through catwalk images, before and after client photos and vintage pictures. It appears as an effortless stream of cool; from Dior ponytails and Saint Laurent tiaras, to braids and sleek styles created in-house. Byers and Birrell showcases a holistic approach to hair, which celebrates the craft of hairdressing as an art form of sorts and a platform of creation with transformative powers.

The talented team are experts in their craft with a depth of detail to their knowledge of hairdressing and an approachable manner that makes you feel comfortable and at ease. People say that before you trust someone with your hair, you should take a good look at their locks as it serves as evidence of their work. With a radiating blonde halo, I knew straight away that hair stylist Emma’s hands were safe ones to be in. I sunk into the leather seat that enveloped me with a cappuccino and the relaxing aroma of luxury products pleasantly lingering.

Product partners include Kérastase, Redken, Great Lengths and most notably Shu Uemura’s Art of Hair. The diverse selection of products and brands available quite literally mean there’s something for everyone and every hair type. The star of the show however is Olaplex; if you haven’t heard of it - fear not, because you will do soon. The product works from the inside out to repair disulphate sulphur bonds in the hair strands, giving a memorable mirror shine to formerly lacklustre locks. Unlike masks and treatments, the result is lasting so your shimmer and shine doesn’t pass into oblivion after one wash and leave you reminiscing about the good old days of a lustrous, healthy ‘do.

Olaplex’s ingenuity doesn’t stop there as it can be used in combination with hair dyes to minimise damage and aid repair, putting bleaching and colour experimentation on whole new level of accessibility. This technology is something that hasn’t been harnessed before and when unleashed upon a damaged mane, its transforming powers are unbelievable. The impact of Olpalex on the hair industry has the potential to create head-turning waves, not unlike the tsunami that crashed onto the scene in the form of the almighty GHD’s. Treat yourself and your tresses with a trip to Byers and Birrell - because you’re worth it, with a swish of the hair.