6 March 2015

Mother Nature

Dolce & Gabbana's latest online campaign uses the hashtag #DGFamily to encourage people to submit family photos which mimic the distinctive style of D&G’s advertising campaigns. To compliment the project, Dolce and Gabbana have propelled the theme of la famiglia into their runway extravaganzas.

"Viva la Mamma" was a festivity that specifically celebrated motherhood and the distinctive bond between mother and child. Celebrity mothers and their genetic cliques are wallowing in the spotlight now more than ever, with the likes of North West, Blue Ivy Carter and Harper Beckham commanding their own headlines and unknowingly seizing attention wherever they toddle. It came as no surprise that babies and toddlers were gripped in arms or clamped to hips as though the statement piece of the season.

Black Sicilian lace dresses were paired with sky-high stilettos, while sultry bodice tops peered from underneath Forties style skirt suits: signature Dolce and Gabbana through and through. Delicate embroideries, elegant buttons and the recurring rose motif were details which made the classic garments identifiable to this season. The final pieces looked to be - in the nicest way possible - a five year-old's interpretation of a Disney Princess dress. The lustrous silk was finished with colourfully naive handwriting and scribbly drawings; the kind that would most likely take pride of place on the fridge or mantlepiece of any family home. The schoolchild prints were drawn by Domenico Dolce’s niece and nephew which simply added to the innocence of it all.

With matching mother-daughter combinations, the mini-me aesthetic was undeniably heartwarming. The bambini were all very well behaved with the exception of one brave soul who dared to show just how glad he was to grace the catwalk through a wriggly tantrum; complete with elbow-jabbing and squirming. There was something really quite refreshing and pure about the demonstration, smack bang in the middle of the perfection and unnatural tranquility of the show.

Fashion and family have here combined to create a warm sense of familiarity, before reality creeps in and you realise that these mammas are somehow rid of any signs of postnatal life: the perfectly coiffed hair and prim appearance is complimented by the sensuous clothes which are every bit as figure-hugging and willowy as one would expect. While mothers in the real world carry nappy-bags and sport under-eye bags, the only bags seen here are decorated with hand-painted flowers and glistening crystals. Desmond Tutu once said "You don't choose your family. They are God's gift to you, as you are to them." It's a shame that God doesn't gift us all with the life of the Dolce and Gabbana woman.