15 July 2019

From Pavarotti to The Stones – the legacy of Decca Records

During its ninety years as one of the music industry’s most venerated institutions, Decca Records shows no sign of slowing. From the earliest sound recordings of Bing Cosby and Vera Lynn to David Bowie, The Rolling Stones, Luciano Pavarotti, Eric Clapton, Louis Armstrong and Billie Holiday – it’s not just the names that have passed through Decca’s studios but the diversity of genres it’s helped pioneer. 


1 July 2019

Glasgow's Linda McCartney Retrospective

Linda McCartney, the late photographer who cut a path through rock-and-roll before marrying Beatles bassist Paul McCartney, is getting her first UK retrospective this week. The show, simply titled “The Linda McCartney Retrospective,” is curated by Paul McCartney and their two daughters, Mary and Stella. It brings together dozens of Linda McCartney’s photos—from famous portraits of 1960s rock icons to more personal snapshots of her quiet home life with Paul—as well a trove of archival materials being shown in public for the first time, including cameras, her personal magazine collection, and even a diary from the ’60s. 

17 June 2019

Mulberry Celebrates the UK’s Pub Venue Heritage

Pubs have long played a vital role in the UK’s music culture. Entire genres can trace their roots back to the humble British boozer, whether that’s the pub rock movement of the 1970s, represented by groups like Dr. Feelgood, or the UK garage scene, which started out at the Elephant & Castle pub in the 90s. Pop icon Kate Bush played her first ever gig at the since-shuttered Rose of Lee pub in Lewisham, while newer acts like south west London duo The Rhythm Method celebrate their local in songs like “Local, Girl” and the video for “Cruel” – and that’s without mentioning all the artists who honed their craft playing open mic nights.

10 June 2019

The Great British Seaside

There are few things as British as the seaside: pebbly shores, piers decked out in lights and arcade games, salty fish and chips, brightly coloured bathing huts, sunburn, parasols and the whipped plume of an ice-cream cone. It is, perhaps, a dying phenomenon — seaside towns across the UK have been some of the worst hit by economic recession in recent years, and incidentally, the constituencies that dot the British coastline reported some of the highest leave voter turnout in the 2016 Brexit referendum. And as more and more people can afford to go abroad on package holidays to Spain and further afield, it looks like that the ‘great British seaside’ — and its nearby equivalents — is becoming a thing of the past. 

27 May 2019

RIXO X Sabina Socol

It’s no secret that classic Parisian style carries that je ne sais quoi — otherwise known as the inexplicable and alluring sense of casual elegance — that the fashion world holds dear to its heart. However, there’s something undeniably cool about the edge that comes with the London look. And when you combine the two, you end up with a fusion of styles that feels completely unparalleled. Such an idea may seem like one of sartorial dreams, but with the RIXO x Sabina Socol collection it’s become a reality — and all with a '90s-inspired touch.

20 May 2019

She Sells Sea Shells..

A name loaded with intriguing references – Kairi derives both from the Japanese work "kai" meaning "from the sea", and is also named after Greece's first feminist poet and playwright, Evanthia Kairi. The contemporary handbag collection marries style and substance with sustainability and seaside symbolism through expertly crafted pieces which are designed and produced right here in London. I spoke to Kairi's founder and designer, Beatrix, about her main creative inspirations, her favourite sustainable brands at the moment, and what to expect next from Kairi.

13 May 2019

Gucci Beauty’s New Campaign Challenges Perfectionism

Creative director Alessandro Michele is lending his exuberant, multi-layered aesthetic to a newly minted cosmetics range. The first drop—a 58-piece lipstick collection—rewires Hollywood glamour to suit his idiosyncratic vision of beauty. Gucci Beauty’s campaign shots are the perfect antidote to the airbrushed shots we’re usually exposed to - but why has it become such a talking point?

6 May 2019

Your New Best Mate

A relative newbie to the ever-expanding world of podcasts, we were first graced with a Mate. episode in September of last year. Since then, it's garnered a loyal following and comparisons to firm favourite, The High Low - albeit more Northern and all the more relatable. I had a chat with Sofie and Lara - the podcast's hosts - about how they met, the London-centric nature of creative industries and what they have coming up next; as well as their divine recommendations for what you should be listening to, reading, watching and eating this month...


29 April 2019

The Magazines You Should Be Reading

For so long an entrenched and untouchable part of everyday life, in recent years the immaculate face of the “glossy fashion magazine” has begun to sag a little. With millennial tastes and consumption habits shifting, the phone book-sized stacks of advertising, alien beauty standards and pervasive soullessness that once characterized such publications has slowly been pushed aside to make way for a new generation of forward-thinking titles with a more vibrant, youthful lean. My 2017 post detailing my favourite independent fashion magazines was due an update — these are some of my favourite fashion magazines in the world right now…

15 April 2019

The Deep End Club

Tennessee Thomas’ Deep End Club is a trippy time warp of flower-power peace and protest. The Los Angeles-based drummer, DJ and activist founded the club in 2013 as a space where artists and activists could work together to find creative solutions to the world’s problems. Raised on song lyrics and British rock, music is the long running thread through Tennessee’s career and life. Daughter of Pete Thomas, Elvis Costello’s long-time drummer, percussion came naturally to her. In childhood, she remembers “waking up to the sound of drumming” every morning. I caught up with Tennessee to talk music, fashion, the 60s and her personal evolution – stylistic and otherwise.