4 May 2020

5 new art books to inspire you at home

Without museums and art galleries to visit, a void of art and culture may be opening up in your life. Where do you derive inspiration and creativity from, even peace of mind, when you are confined to your home? To assist, I’ve compiled some of my favourite new art books to gain inspiration from in this disorientating age of social distancing. Even if you don’t plan on taking to the canvas or picking up a camera, these delightful editions might be just what you need to take your mind off things.

27 April 2020

Why Fashion Revolution Week is more important than ever

On 24th April 2013, the collapse of Rana Plaza in Dhaka, Bangladesh became the deadliest garment factory disaster of all time, killing more than a thousand workers and exposing the dark underbelly of fast fashion. Soon after, Orsola de Castro and Carry Somers took action by co-founding a vital non-profit organisation, Fashion Revolution, as well as an annual week of events designed to push for change and call for full industry transparency.

6 April 2020

Cosmic Dreams

The 20th century Space Race produced a tectonic collision between two diametrically opposed superpowers that swallowed such gross amounts of money, energy and resources the figures are barely quantifiable, let alone conceivable. This new, cosmic frontier of the Cold War led the US to plough the equivalent of just under half a trillion dollars into its space program over the course of around twelve years, and while Soviet spending could never seriously contend with their ideological nemesis, it too topped well over $100 billion.

30 March 2020

Take a virtual tour of Tate’s Warhol exhibition

Last month, Tate Modern unveiled an expansive retrospective of pop art icon And Warhol, which sadly remained open for just a few days before the country entered total lockdown. Luckily, gallery curators quickly set about filming a series of guided tours – not just for the Warhol exhibition, but also for the Aubrey Beardsley showing previously scheduled to open in late May.

9 March 2020

The Instagram exposing fashion subcultures

Whether you’re a nicotine-addicted ‘Hedi-boy’ or a Margiela worshipper trying to cop vintage Tabis in your free time, no one is safe from @raf_semens. The cutting Instagram account trolls drop culture, hypebeasts and anyone who takes their love of fashion too seriously. A high school student from Texas, Max Womack, 18, is the creator of the irreverent meme account. Upon quitting his part-time job in March 2019, Womack earned himself some free time, out of which the page was born. 

27 January 2020

10 MoMA Exhibitions I'd Time Travel For

I only just discovered the Museum of Modern Art's free, digital exhibition history cataloguing every show it has ever mounted. This archive includes original press releases, exhibition checklists, scanned copies of out-of-print... everything you need to transport yourself back to exhibitions that took place long before you were born. These are the MoMA shows worth jumping in your Tardis for.

13 January 2020

Horsing Around

Since the beginning of Alessandro Michele’s tenure at Gucci, the house’s campaigns have transported viewers from outer space to a 1940s Hollywood soundstageDisneyland to the 7th century BC Greek city of Selinunte, all the while featuring an eclectic line-up of starlets, Harry StylesTippi HedrenCourtney LoveGucci Mane and Iggy Pop among them. Equally eclectic have been the photographers, from longtime Michele collaborator Glen Luchford to seminal street photographer Bruce Gilden, and filmmakers Harmony Korine and Yorgos Lanthimos.

16 December 2019

Meet Me Under The Disco Ball

You can't deny that the disco ball is the most treasured party symbol. Reflecting fractals of light from above the dancefloor and pulling our focus to the center of it, the mirrorball tells everyone: this is where the action is. There is no more reliable witness to the ups and downs of clublife than the disco ball, omnipresent and omniscient. As Tracey Thorn sings in "Mirrorball," the 1996 tune from her group Everything But The Girl, "the lovely mirrorball reflected back them all, every triumph, every fight under disco light."

25 November 2019

Unpicking Wim Wenders’ rare documentary on Yohji Yamamoto

Wim Wenders’ 1989 Notebook on Cities and Clothes is a series of philosophical musings with the revered Japanese designer at its heart.  The documentary was originally commissioned by the Centre Pompidou, who approached Wenders to make a film about fashion and its connection to identity and urban living. Knowing nothing about fashion and generally sceptical of its materialist values, the approach prompted Wenders to famously remark: “Fashion. I got nothing to do with that,” in his narration of the film. Wenders referred to it as a “diary film”, and over the course of one year, followed Yamamoto as a one man crew, eventually befriending the man who had, at the beginning of the decade, shaken the fashion world with his anachronistic designs.