17 September 2018

Frida Kahlo’s Letters to Home

There are few artists who have inspired the heady heights of idolatry to the same extent as Frida Kahlo. And just when it seemed that Frida-mania had reached its peak, 2018 brought with it an even greater surge in fascination with the Mexican artist, thanks to the extensive retrospective at London’s V&A. Through a range of personal artefacts — such as clothes, makeup, jewellery and even a prosthetic leg — the mammoth Making Herself Up offers new insight into the famed artist. Now, a brilliant new book — published today by Virago — has arrived to provide a further glimpse into the woman behind the icon presenting a compilation of letters from the artist to her mother Matilde Calderon Kahlo, and printing them in English for the first time. 

3 September 2018

Building a Sustainable Wardrobe for the Future

Last week, Danish designer Marie Sloth Rousing was awarded the prestigious Designer’s Nest Award August 2018 at Copenhagen Fashion Week — a prize presented annually to an outstanding young designer from one of the leading Nordic design schools. Sloth Rousing, who recently graduated from The Royal Danish Academy Of Fine Arts, came in first place out of 18 candidates for her conceptual and boundary-pushing collection, Transformable Wardrobe. In this collection, everyday objects, for example the umbrella, the slap wrap (reflective band), and the roller blind, were incorporated into garments to make inventive ensembles treading a thin line between installation art and fashion. For Sloth Rousing the purpose of this was to “make clothing transform from one shape into another — to add another layer to clothing as we know it”. 


27 August 2018

Dodging Death and Shooting the Sublime

You could say that not much was expected of Grant. Born into the East End in the 1960s where career prospects were dire, he instead found purpose in the street culture of working class London – football, music and politics – a trifecta that would go on to shape his incredible life journey. From fighting with West Ham's infamous firm, to drinking with Sandinistas, to serving as Primal Scream's photographer, to meeting Mandela - Grant Fleming’s life has been one hell of a journey.

20 August 2018

Defining the Disco Era

Hyper-coloured and embellished with larger-than-life graphics, Richard Bernstein’s pop art illustrations elevated celebrities to deity levels; proving the ideal cover images for Andy Warhol‘s seminal magazine, Interview. Having been given full access to Bernstein’s archives, New York-based fashion authors, Roger and Mauricio Padilha, are set to release the first full monograph on the iconic American artist. Tracing Bernstein’s prolific career, the impressive tome draws together his legendary Interview covers including the likes of Madonna, Grace Jones, Mick Jagger, Cher, Michael Jackson, and Aretha Franklin...

6 August 2018

From Narcoterrorism to ‘Narcos’ Tourism

In recent years, Colombia has consistently topped lists of “The Best Places to Travel”. At the same time, it remains near the top of another, more grisly list – that of the world’s most murderous countries. I spoke to award-winning photojournalist Mads Nissen, who’s covered some of Colombia’s most brutal conflicts as well as its recent brittle peace, about the realities of travelling in this fascinating country. 

23 July 2018

Linder Sterling's Seven Most Iconic Collages

Renowned for her punk and post-punk game-changing aesthetics, Linder Sterling has made some of the most powerful prints of artistic history. A radical feminist, Linder has always focused on breaking down boundaries and expectations: cutting out images from porn or domestic women’s magazines, she created montages that shut down the treatment of female body as a commodity. Notorious for creating the artwork of the Buzzcocks’ Orgasm Addict cover, the work exemplified her aesthetic and beliefs: a naked woman with an iron for a head and smiling mouths instead of nipples. Here's a collection of the most iconic collage prints by Linder you should know…

16 July 2018

Revisiting Céline Resort 2010

Exactly nine summers ago, Phoebe Philo quietly delivered her debut collection for Céline. It was Resort 2010, showed in a “bare loft space in Chelsea,” as Vogue reported at the time, describing the clothes as "woman-friendly, with lots of great-looking suits, chic cocktail dresses, and fabulous outerwear.” “Fashion has been waiting for some good news, and Phoebe Philo is here to deliver it,” the report went on. One look at the designer’s confident, spot-on debut collection for Céline and it was clear that the house had entered a new era and a reinvention was about to commence.

9 July 2018

Painting Nudes Through the Female Gaze

A voice of the Instagram artist generation, Venetia Berry's work is as powerful on a tiny screen as it is on the canvases piled in her studio. Inspired by the likes of Matisse, Venetia’s art is focused on the beauty of the female form: having admired and cared for the power of women all her life. Now, she's teamed up with Shoreditch concept store Modern Society to create an exclusive 9-piece ceramic collection. Featuring her iconic etched feminine figures, the ceramics are powerful pieces of modern art and encompass everything that is lovely about Venetia Berry and her work. I caught up with her to find out just what it takes to dedicate yourself to the world of art in the cyber age, and how it feels to portray the female nude as a woman in the wild world of now…

2 July 2018

The Future of Fiorucci

Andy Warhol sipping espressos, windows styled by Antonio Lopez, 16-year-old Madonna performing: Fiorucci’s cult New York store in the late 70s was not your average retail experience. It was a gospel of cool; a hub for the creative class who had zero $$$ but turbo drive; a temple of fun during disco’s heyday. The NYC store sadly closed its doors in 1984 and later in the 90s, the brand was name-dropped in Mark Leckey's cult short film Fiorucci Made Me Harcore an absolute ode to British nightlife. Now, 50 years since the first Fiorucci store opened its doors, the fabled fashion brand is enjoying a rebirth after Janie and Stephen Schaffer bought the brand in 2015.

25 June 2018

Inside Studio 54

With his latest documentary Studio 54, filmmaker Matt Tyrnauer delivers a definitive account of the notorious Manhattan club, which opened its doors on April 26, 1977, and closed just 33 months later, mired in scandal and legal complications. But in that brief time, Studio 54 made a seismic impact on late 20th-century society, dragging the queer subculture of disco into the mainstream, and fanning the flames of a nascent obsession with celebrity by establishing itself as an archetypal roaming ground for hedonistic A-Listers and ensuing paparazzi.